Things to do In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Part 1

Lunch at Hilton Hotel  Hilton Hotel is considered one of the upscale hotels in Addis. It has well manicured grounds, three restaurants and a geothermal pool. When I visited it was bustling with activities and people. My boyfriend and I had lunch at the Gazebo restaurant, which sits cozily next to the pool area. It… Continue reading Things to do In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Part 1


When in Mombasa🍴

Hello loves and happy holidays! 💕 I had to travel down to Mombasa this December  for my brothers wedding and decided to stay a few days longer. I almost forgot how insanely hot it gets down here 🥵. Be sure to carry some sunscreen and a sun hat if you’ll be up and about a… Continue reading When in Mombasa🍴


Midweek unwind at Nairobi Serena Hotel

Thursday has never been my favorite day of the week. On this day however, my sisters and I decide to have a 'catch me up' lunch. I chose Nairobi Serena because it’s quite and serene. It being a weekday, I expected it to be fairly empty. I was surprised to see people streaming in, mostly… Continue reading Midweek unwind at Nairobi Serena Hotel


Exploring Bagamoyo in Tanzania 🌴🌴

You know what they say, 'once you go East, you don't go back' or maybe I just made that up 😂 Hi loves! I hope this post finds you well on this cold but beautiful Tuesday morning. A lot of people underestimate Dar Es Salaam as a tourist destination because they compare it to the… Continue reading Exploring Bagamoyo in Tanzania 🌴🌴


Lunch at Soi, Dusit D2~ review

Hello loves, It's a new month!! I'm so excited for August because it marks a transition in my life. From university to the 'real life' as every employed person would say 😂 Do you have that particular restaurant whose entire aura and ambiance just speaks to your soul?! Yup, SOI at Dusit D2 is that… Continue reading Lunch at Soi, Dusit D2~ review