K1 Sunday Brunch x Happy Hour 🥂🎉

Sundays are sacred to me because they involve food, friends and sometimes drinks lol

I’ve been trying out different brunch menus around Nairobi and last weekend my girlfriends and I opted for K1 Flea Market. They serve brunch all day  for 1000 Kshs only and have happy hour from 4-7 pm, what more could one ask for? The market also gives a diverse group of vendors with different items both new and old, an opportunity to sell. From body butter to art to fashion and a whole lot more.

Location> K1 Flea Market is located at  06 Chiromo Ln, Nairobi and is open 24 hours. Parking is very limited on Sundays so it’s advisable to use a taxi if headed there. 



The menu consisted of a starter which was yoghurt parfait (basically a layer of yogurt, oats and fresh fruit). It was absolutely perfect, this coming from someone who previously would not advocate for oats. Followed by a main meal and desert.

Yoghurt parfait

For my main I went with waffles and crispy chicken wings. I was dissappointed with this choice because the waffle was so dry, I think due to the fact that they make them in bulk. It was supposed to come drizzled with sugar syrup but I had to request a waitress for it and boy was it watered down! smh


My friends made the smart choice by ordering the Terriyaki beef mishkaki with viazi karai and a fried egg. The combination was great and the flavors very present- unlike with my chicken wings. If I was to do brunch at K1 again I will undoubtedly go for the mishkaki. They also had an option of Mahamri with mbahazi which we also chose to forego for the mere fact that we grew up eating that in Mombasa lol

Mishkaki plater


Desert was fresh fruit salad topped with yoghurt and nuts. We ended the night with cocktails and tequila shots over conversation.

All in all the experience was  okay, it’s the company that matters. As for the food you better bring an appetite because they serve everything at once, so there’s literally no room to breathe in between the meals lol.

Happy Brunching!



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