BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL: Ohcha Noodle Bar Nairobi 🍱🍜🍲

AS their tagline goes ; fast, fresh and delicious ,Ohcha Noodle Bar located at the Westgate shopping  mall in Nairobi is just that and more.

Had a fantastic lunch there and I always make a point of popping in for a light snack whenever I’m at the mall. The decor is very chic and minimalist, they mostly played around with color and textures to give it that effortless look 👌🏾 props to their interior designer.

The food is ohhhhh-soo-delicious!! You get to experience the exotic flavors of South East Asian Cuisine. All the excitement of ”street food” culture is reflected in the array of authentic menu items, with dishes from

Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and across the region.

My favorite thing about this eatery is that you can build your own Noodles with selections of meats, vegetables or prawns, 6 different types of noodles, sauces and varying levels of spice-cooked fresh from wok to plate!

I choose to Build my bowl and went with steamed jasmine rice, vegetables ( baby corn,carrots, mushrooms,bok choy), extra prawns and finished it off with sweet & spicy sauce! What can I say, I’m a sucker for savory. ☺️

Sweet banana & toffee spring roll with Vanilla ice-cream & toffee sauce

I hope that you too will go and enjoy the awesomeness

that is OhCha!

Love & love 💞


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