To Wine or not to Wine?: Sierra

Hi loves!

I must admit that It’s been a long minute. Sometimes life happens and you just have to go with the flow. I recently graduated, started working (on top of several side projects) and decided to enroll for my Masters! It’s been one interesting roller coaster.

I love places that make me feel good and at ease. Sierra happens to be one of my favorite places in Nairobi, it’s located right next to Safaricom headquarters 3. It is mostly popular for their exquisite selection of wines, but I go there specifically for the wings! They are simply devine 😱🍴

The Space is beautiful and simplistic in decor. They have indoor and outdoor seating, both capable of accommodation a large group of people. The Menu has a range of dishes from oysters, chips and beer battered fish, wings to vegan burgers. A glass of wine will set you back about 800kshs (8$).



If you’re looking for something to do over the weekend,  be it by yourself or with company then I’d definitely suggest visiting Sierra. They also have burgers and an array of desserts.

Love and love

irmah 💕

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