Hi loves! I hope you’ve all been doing well?!. Personally im ecstatic about finishing my mid semester exams and  this babe is now looking  forward to EIDD celebrations *happy dance*

Has anyone else seen  and felt the amazing rays of sun? There couldn’t be a better way to usher in July than with the sunshine in all its glory.

So last weekend I decide to go to the Nairobi National Park (Entrance pictured above) as it had been  a while.This is one of the most unique parks in the WORLD as it is the only one that sits inside a city. How lucky are we!! 🙂 🙂 The park also features the worlds cheapest safari for $50

We went at sunrise as per the advise we got from other friends who’ve visited the park, they said that that’s when you have better chances at spotting a wider variety of wildlife.



IMG-20160629-WA0002IMG-20160629-WA0005IMG-20160629-WA0007 (1)IMG-20160629-WA0008IMG-20160629-WA0009IMG-20160629-WA0010

We didn’t get to see all the animals we had hoped to, but it’s okay, after all the park is in our backyard. Haha  (not in a literal sense)

Hope you enjoyed the post and I’d urge anyone who’s in Nairobi to give the park a try. You won’t be disappointed. No promises though lol














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  1. marcel565 says:

    Connecting with the wild (nature), should be an escapade everyone takes when going to such beautiful places.

  2. Hi miss_irmah How shocking many species of animals are becoming extinct because of mankind’s urban sprawl and poaching! Many thanks for liking “Eternally!” Have A Great New Year. TheFoureyedPoet.

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