Midweek unwind at Nairobi Serena Hotel

Thursday has never been my favorite day of the week. On this day however, my sisters and I decide to have a ‘catch me up’ lunch. I chose Nairobi Serena because it’s quite and serene. It being a weekday, I expected it to be fairly empty. I was surprised to see people streaming in, mostly for evening tea. ☕️

The Nairobi weather has been rather bipolar lately. It’s no surprise to see people walking around town with umbrellas whilst the sun is shining madly 😂


There’s nothing as tranquil as having some delicious Biryani ~made with so much love~ sitting poolside on a Thursday evening, knowing that you don’t have to rush anywhere. The Nairobi traffic is usually a nightmare at this hour 👿

The food was amazing. We ordered from the Maghreb restaurant. It set us back around 1,600/Ksh and the cocktails were around 600/Kshs. I’m usually skeptical about where I eat my biryani, it’s either home made or from an Indian restaurant. This one was actually pretty tasty, the mix of spices was perfectly balanced, especially in the mutton one that my sister ordered. My chicken biryani lacked in the spices and flavor sector.


Larer that evening we decided to move to the bar area to wind out. As it was still my birthday month, champagne was well in order. 🍾🍾🥂 A bottle of bubbly will set you back 4,000/ Kshs and they have a great selection for you to choose from.

The bar area is quite and intimate, I would recommended it for a romantic dinner for two. The service is also quick and efficient.


All in all, Nairobi Serena is a beautiful place to liven up any weekday. Be sure to give them a visit! 😊

Love and love

Irmah 💕

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