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Hello loves and happy holidays! 💕

I had to travel down to Mombasa this December  for my brothers wedding and decided to stay a few days longer. I almost forgot how insanely hot it gets down here 🥵. Be sure to carry some sunscreen and a sun hat if you’ll be up and about a lot.


One of my favorite places to stay at is Serena Beach Resort & Spa.  It’s a five star hotel along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway, in an area called Shanzu. There are several restaurants on the property, The Fountain,The  Jahazi Grill, Sokoni,  Makuti , Pizzeria, Ice Cream Parlour and The Nyota Bar and Terrace. You can see why a girl loves this place 😂 I can literally eat at a different place everyday.


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Sokoni is without a doubt my favorite restaurant in this establishment. It’s right next to a beautiful pond, lined with blooming bougainvillea trees.The menu features authentic Swahili delights. In the evening, Sokoni transforms into a gathering spot for enjoying acrobatic performances or traditional dance acts.

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As you wait for your order to arrive, they serve you freshly baked rolls

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My sister ordered some lime juice to refresh herself. This is the most concentrated lime juice we’ve ever drank our entire lives! It’s like they squeezed hundreds of limes into this glass and added a drop of water 😫 it was more of a detox drink than  a refreshing one. That was disappointing.

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For lunch I ordered chicken curry which they served with rice and a chapati. The portion was great and food was tasty, however overly salty. I don’t know if it was because of the many orders dashing out of the kitchen, but I brought it up with our waiter who sent it back to the kitchen to be sorted. For a five star hotel that was quite a disappointment. 

I would suggest that give specifications on salt and spices  to avoid such scenarios. 

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My sister ordered beef curry which came with the similar accompaniments as mine. However, her food was perfectly cooked and balanced in terms of spices and salt. I ended up eating from her plate 😂

The meals cost 1350 and 1450 kshs respectively. 

My glass of wine cost 700 kshs and the limey lime juice was 400kshs.

All in all I would still eat there. The view and service more than made up for my over salted food. 😊


Love and love

irmah 💕

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  1. Noel says:

    Mombassa and Serena looks like a perfect place to be wit someone special and build great memories. Thanks for the tips Irmah 😉

    1. Irmah says:

      You are welcome! Let me know how it turns out 😄😊

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