“The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is today the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

At the heart of the DSWT’s conservation activities is the Orphans’ Project, which has achieved world-wide acclaim through its hugely successful elephant and rhino rescue and rehabilitation program. The Orphans’ Project exists to offer hope for the future of Kenya’s threatened elephant and rhino populations as they struggle against the threat of poaching for their ivory and horn, and the loss of habitat due to human population pressures and conflict, deforestation and drought.

To date the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has successfully hand-raised over 150 infant elephants and has accomplished its long-term conservation priority by effectively reintegrating orphans back into the wild herds of Tsavo, claiming many healthy wild-born calves from former-orphaned elephants raised in our care.”




Had a great time watching those cuties feed and play around. If you haven’t been to the orphanage do make a point. Thank me later.

The DSWT is located in the country of Kenya. The elephant Nursery is located in Nairobi National Park. Our 3 reintegration units are located in the Greater Tsavo Conservation Area at Voi, Ithumba and Umani Springs in the Kibwezi Forest.

They are open to the public for one hour every day, excluding 25th December, from 11am to Noon. During this time the orphans arrive for their midday mud bath and feeding.  Entrance to the orphanage for the visiting hour requires minimum contribution of $7 US dollars / 500 Kenya shillings per person. They also have a gift shop on site and the opportunity to foster orphans during your visit.

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  1. Hi missirmah. It seems humans are destroying more species of animals than they are saving! If they had respected all other life on this planet there would not be a crisis! Thank you for liking my poem “A Glance!” Peace and Best Wishes.# TheFoureyedPoet.

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