Weekend Discovery: Picazzo

By show of hands; how many of you like Italian food? Personally I’m not crazyy about it though i do admire their attention to detail when it comes to bringing out flavors. However, i find the mixture of ingredients a bit overwhelming, say a boiled egg in the middle of a pizza 😁 (yap!!) 

So i was out on Saturday with a friend of mine at a mall and we decided to go for sundowners, we quickly skimmed through the restaurants within the vicinity and settled on this one. It’s so easy to see why 😍😍

When my friend went to the washroom I decided to play him and instead of getting alcoholic drinks i got us juice 😂😂 –should have seen his face when he tried it-  They turned out to be pretty good! They even threw in a few bitings as we waited for our drinks to be served. 

Piccazo is a beautiful and intimate place especially for family dinners and dates. The ambiance was all sorts of amazing and not forgetting the impacable service from the staff. I definitely recommend it 👌🏽Shall visit them again soon and do a menu review. 

Here are a few pictures i took at Piccazo, which is located at the hub Karen. 

Comment below and let me know how your weekend was . 😊


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9 thoughts on “Weekend Discovery: Picazzo

  1. I am not crazy about Italian food either. However, there are a few Italian restaurants that stand out. I honestly judge all restaurants by the same standard, if there is a television in the dining area, I feel it is there to distract from the bad food or the bad service. Looks like Picazzo has no television in their dining area, so they have to stand on the quality of food and service. Looks like you had a nice meal.

  2. I’m sure they’ll make a great baked ziti. Egg on pizza? An old expression, meaning that the person addressed is overly demanding: “What do you want, an egg in your beer?” You switched juice for alcohol and egg for beer!

    Thank you for liking my post!

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