Never have I come across such a raw and artistic display drawn from ones figment of imagination as this one- truly the mind is a powerful thing. 

It’s unlike me to stop and admire activities in town, especially midtown where all the pickpocket’s and idlers seem to lurk. (As much as some people may term this a stereotype or propaganda, those whose phones have been snatched can attest to it). On this particular occasion, the colorful displays hanging gallantly on a metal mesh backdrop caught my eye; i had to go see for myself. 

A cheerful young lady by the name Wambui approached me and was more than eager to answer my queries, which I had plenty of lol After a considerably lengthy chat with her I got to learn that she was an aspiring fashion photographer… let me spare you the mushy mushy bit and just say that I was impressed.
Now let me tell you about this amazing project called ‘My Maasai’ through their pictures, they invoked so many emotions in me that I didn’t know even existed 😄 For a moment I even contemplated joining the photography bandwagon ~a tiny tiny moment~ 
If anyone will be interested in the full length stories behind these photos kindly do check out their website below.I simply didn’t want to overshadow the purpose by going into too much detail. 

As for the students at De-capture, thanks for inspiring me 👏🏾 and for sharing your talent with Nairobi- more so the World. You guys are amazing!! 

Love and love 

Location Nairobi CBD

Photography by yours truly

Website- www.decapturemedia.com

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  1. Hi miss_irmah Indeed powerful images! Thank you for liking “No!” Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

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