Sunny Days

Hey loves I hope you’re all having a kick ass week. I found myself reminiscing of the sunny days when I didn’t have to drape myself in a scarf and jacket like  an Eskimo. I’m not too fond of the cold (Can’t imagine myself surviving a winter if I ever have to someday). With that said I decided to share one of my best memories of the sunny days, which involves food of course! 😀

My sisters and I had lunch at News Cafe which is a contemporary cafe/bar chain with an upbeat vibe and an amazing ambiance.

Enjoy the post. xoxoxo



This is  a section of the indoor dinning when it’s all lit up at night. Looks quite romantic if I must say. 😉


The waitress who served us was quick and surprisingly had a smile the whole time she catered to us, which is quite rare with most service people in Nairobi.


Shortly after our food arrived. I had their barbeque wings, my younger sister had shrimps and the other had chicken breast stuffed with cheese. The food was mouth-watering and portions were fairly on point as you can all see.


On our way out, I took this shot of the front seating area which is more of a lounge for the internet and coffee lovers. It blew my mind.


Thanks for reading my post and I hope y’all enjoyed it!! That’s a picture of my sister (left) and I. Have a lovely weekend!!


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  1. marcel565 says:

    It all looks appealing to the eye, very beautiful

  2. Hi missirmah. Hope you had a great time looks a nice place the food always so scrumptious! Thank you for liking my poems “Awoke & Warnings!” Peaceful Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

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