Sex in the city III 🌃

Disclaimer: content contains nudity and other sexual content that might be deemed offensive. Proceed with that in mind. Furthermore, the art is a representation of the Artists views, not my own. 

This exhibtion took place at Alliance Francais, Nairobi and it was by Micheal Soi & Ogonga Thom. There are two other series’s before this one that I missed. I loved the theme because it portrays the ‘social ills’ , so to say, in our societies today across the globe.!

They portrayed issues such as courtship, perceived liberation that comes with certain sexual status, sex as a tool of uplifting one’s economical status and same sex relations. 

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  1. Wow! I love it. Is the exhibition still on?

    1. miss_irmah says:

      Unfortunately it isn’t!

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