My culinary trip to Mexico

Hi loves,

I hope that we are all doing great this festive season? Cannot begin to wrap my fingers around the fact that we are a few weeks shy of 2018! (Well I can, but it’s just a tad bit overwhelming).  😀

I was out one Sunday on what I’d call my ‘foodie runs’ to a new Mexican restaurant. For my Kenyan food enthusiasts I’ll leave the details below. The interior decor was amazing! I kid you not. The space was full of light and was absolutely pleasant to the eye. Personally that’s one of the  first thing that attract me to a place, if the space doesn’t give me some sort of vibe I wold be reluctant to eat there. The menu is the second thing. Mercado aced both.

I normally do some quick research before splashing my coins at a new eatery. This is especially so when I’m in Nairobi. I’ll tell you why; there are so many new eateries cropping up in this city that I feel like most are just out for profit. It’s not easy getting  a place that will be visually appealing, have an amazing ambiance and great food all at one go, thus it’s very important for me to look out for reviews and or other people’s opinions before trying out a new place.  Plus I also tend to eat out a lot so its good to know where to and not to splurge.



Mercado lived up to my expectations. Or maybe it was the kid in me who got excited with the swing benches! Nonetheless I’d give it  a 10/10 for great service and excellent portioned food. I had  some delicious chops that came with veggies on the side and baby potatoes. The order also came with a choice of three sauces, the salsa was my favorite. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and family over some delicious food or dessert. I definitely recommend  Mercado. Thank me later xx


location: Terrace (T) Floor, Kenrail Towers South Wing, Ring Road Parklands, Nairobi

love and love


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