Get to know me 🌸

Hello loves and welcome to my page!

I’m Irmah, a Kenyan lady who grew up in quaint little Coastal towns, now transitioning into the city life of Nairobi.  I’m a graduate of the United States International University Africa, where I’ve earned a B.A studying International Relations. Currently pursuing a masters in Counselling Psychology while working with UNV Kenya on a part time basis. 🎓🧘🏽‍♀️

There’s a quote in french that goes “A vaincre sans peril, on triomphe sans gloire”. To win without risk is a triumph without glory. Hence my blog journey began.

I’m into fashion, travel (though my bucket list is still quite unchecked), food and visual artistry and I want to showcase life through my lenses.

Here’s to never losing an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself.

Love and love



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