Exploring Bagamoyo in Tanzania 🌴🌴

You know what they say, 'once you go East, you don't go back' or maybe I just made that up 😂 Hi loves! I hope this post finds you well on this cold but beautiful Tuesday morning. A lot of people underestimate Dar Es Salaam as a tourist destination because they compare it to the… Continue reading Exploring Bagamoyo in Tanzania 🌴🌴


Lunch at Soi, Dusit D2~ review

Hello loves, It's a new month!! I'm so excited for August because it marks a transition in my life. From university to the 'real life' as every employed person would say 😂 Do you have that particular restaurant whose entire aura and ambiance just speaks to your soul?! Yup, SOI at Dusit D2 is that… Continue reading Lunch at Soi, Dusit D2~ review

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Lunch at OLOLO

Hi loves, Have you ever come across a place and gotten that whoa feeling?! Yup, that’s exactly what happened to me when I walked into this tranquil gem! I know that Nairobi is notorious for beautiful locations but Ololo is truly a hidden gem. I honestly wouldn’t have come across it if it wasn’t for… Continue reading Lunch at OLOLO


BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL: Ohcha Noodle Bar Nairobi 🍱🍜🍲

AS their tagline goes ; fast, fresh and delicious ,Ohcha Noodle Bar located at the Westgate shopping  mall in Nairobi is just that and more. Had a fantastic lunch there and I always make a point of popping in for a light snack whenever I'm at the mall. The decor is very chic and minimalist, they mostly… Continue reading BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL: Ohcha Noodle Bar Nairobi 🍱🍜🍲


Why Nyama Mama Delta is Food goals!

I’m about 2 years late jumping on the Nyama Mama bandwagon  but here it is! Being the skeptical foodie that I am, I wanted to wait for the social media hype to die down before I could embark on a foodie mission and I wasn’t dissappointed! 👌🏽 Nyama Mama offers a modern twist to Kenyan… Continue reading Why Nyama Mama Delta is Food goals!